Rtd. Air Commodore Anil Kumar Sinha has been part of the UNAMSIL (United Nations Mission in Sierra Leone) 2000-01. He functioned as the Chief of Air Operations at the UN headquarters. He also had the privilege of conducting and participating in “Operation Khukri” the multinational military rescue operation of UN troops and International Military Observers from the rebel groups in Kailahun district of Sierra Leone. He flew the Mi-17 special ops mission alongside British SAS Chinooks in “Operation Khukri” to extricate UN International Military observers and a company of UN troops from RUF rebels held in the area of Kailahun. The success of this operation won a standing ovation at the UN headquarters in New York.

He was awarded The Gallantry award of ‘Vir Chakra’ for a Helicopter Gunship Air Strike during Kargil Operations by The President of India on 15 Aug 1999.

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